About Us

Our Story

With Chuuk islands scattered across 2,129 Square miles, it is our commitment to ensure we bridge our islands communities together using low cost and appropriate technologies.  We believe in building long-lasting and active relationships with each of our customers to ensure we are providing them with meaningful and quality service.

Our Vision

iSolutions Micronesia wishes to build a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with each and every customer.


iSolutions Micronesia uses a satellite broadband technology manufactured powered by the Kacific1 satellite. Our affordable and reliable internet connectivity service is powered by a next-generation geostationary satellite operating in the Ka-band frequency spectrum. The satellite streams low-cost, high-speed, reliable, and stable broadband via 56 powerful spot beams. It also has wide-reaching coverage that extends over 25 countries in the Asia Pacific, with populations spread across many islands, mountainous and rural regions.